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We are Andreas and Marinos Dimitropoulos, catering professionals who have worked in both drinks and coffee, working in some of the most well-known favorite haunts and having won accolades. We are already the owners of 95 Street Coffee, with Andrea having already conquered the world behind the bars, in shops such as Amigos, Noel, Sinatra, Theory, having created catalogs for cocktails, while this year he has also added Poseidonio to his resume Grand Hotel in Spetses. He has taken part twice in the World Class Greece bartending competition, while to this day he is the Brand Ambassador of Cenote tequila. Correspondingly, Marinos has many years of experience since he has been in the catering industry since 2003 with dozens of seminars on drinks and having specializations and distinctions on coffee (participation in Coffee Festival, Latte Art). He has the same "gallons" in drinking with participations in Cuervo, Skinos, Punt e mes, while he has been both a bartender and a manager in catering businesses. He has a lot of professional experience in organizing special events such as weddings, christenings or corporate happenings and brings all this experience to this new business move, making VAN KONG the next big cocktail spot!



Where others saw an abandoned Volkswagen, we saw an opportunity for creation and as a destination for all of you! We took it, painted it, built it and envisioned a bar on four wheels that would house all the cocktail expertise needed, both for those who have learned to love them and for those who want to get to know them even better and be introduced to the world of taste! The raw materials we use are carefully selected, we cook the necessary ingredients ourselves so that we are 110% sure of the result and depending on why you need us, we are at your place.


We undertake your wedding, your child's christening, your friend's bachelor, the party you want to have in the garden of your home or your company! Whatever your choice, VAN KONG BAR goes everywhere and depending on your needs, we recommend a flavor package that will make sure to leave you completely satisfied so that you and your guests will remember our cocktails for the rest of your life the life! And don't worry, we don't drink while we drive.

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We are waiting for you to get to know us better and to prepare for you the most wonderful cocktails you have ever tasted!


Parnithos 139, Acharnes 13672